Mainly used for pipe mill power, from steel strip to complete the pipe/tube forming, and straightening sizing after welding.
Specifications: Rated current 50A to 5000A, rated voltage 220V or 440V
Category: microcomputer control, all-digital (Euro series)
Microcomputer Control series

No Model Spec Rated power All digital unit
Rated current Rated voltage    
1 SE-70A/440V 70A 440V 30KW 591(Spec.)
2 SE-110A/440V 110A 440V 45KW 591(Spec.)
3 SE-150A/440V 150A 440V 60KW 591(Spec.)
4 SE-180A/440V 180A 440V 75KW 591(Spec.)
5 SE-270A/440V 270A 440V 110KW 593(Spec.)
6 SE-360A/440V 360A 440V 150KW  
7 SE-450A/440V 450A 440V 190KW  
8 SE-450A/440V 720A 440V 330KW  

Digital (European Series)

No   AC input DC output Adjustment range Cabinet number
  Phase Voltage Rated current Rated voltage
1 Models and Specifications SES-WJ 3 380V 100A 440V 0-440V Single Cabinet
2 3 380V 200A 440V 0-440V Single Cabinet
3 3 380V 300A 440V 0-440V Single Cabinet
4 3 380V 500A 440V 0-440V Single Cabinet
5 3 380V 800A 440V 0-440V Single Cabinet
6 3 380V 1000A 440V 0-440V Double cabinet
7 3 380V 1400A 440V 0-440V Double cabinet
8 3 380V 1600A 440V 0-440V Double cabinet